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Orolait is a brand new startup that just launched in March of 2019 so what you are seeing is the very beginning.  My desire with this company is to give breastfeeding individuals back the dignity they deserve with their apparel options while they continue to nurse their little ones. I've been blogging about postpartum body positivity as @PowerToPrevail  for 4 years and struggled with a lot of fear and shame when it came to breastfeeding my first two children. I decided to build this company to challenge and change the way we depict one's breastfeeding journey.  I stand on the pillars of Advocacy, Education, and Inclusion. You will see the sizing and advertising featuring all shapes, sizes, and shades because each of us is so different and that is what makes us so incredible and I am going to unapologetically celebrate that in the most ethical way I know how. I hope you join me in helping to build more than a brand, we're building a movement.

- Ana Carolina Rojas Bastidas, Founder/CEO

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