Everything seems to be shutting down. Is Orolait shutting down, too?

Of the many reasons I worried that I would not be able to launch my business, I can definitely tell you that I never thought a global pandemic would be it. Yet, here we are.

The great news is that we are not going anywhere. The bad news is that we're not going anywhere. My manufacturer is shut down and Colombia has closed its border. 

I have the personal support to weather this storm even though this is turning out to be a very long storm. My husband and I have long tested living on one income for precisely this scenario. I have purposefully and patiently built this company so I am not in debt to anyone and have been busting my ass to do everything myself without getting paid. 

I considered going back to work so I could just pump my own money into the business but a good friend reminded me that this was temporary and challenged me think of how I could somehow do both. 

Impossible I thought but that's what I created a plan long long ago. 

So, I looked at the plan I had worked so hard on and started working on the things I could do right now. As luck would have it, Lactation Counselor certification classes were now being offered online and I signed myself up! 

After working diligently, I am one exam away from being able to start offering these services:

Location Counseling

Orolait is dedicated to education, inclusion, and advocacy. We can do that through our apparel and through our services. While we weren't planning offering these services until later, we know these services are needed NOW. Mamas are still giving birth and now they're not getting the support they normally would in a hospital due to the limited interactions required by COVI-19 policies. 

This is my pivot for now but it's not as much of a pivot as much as it is a rearrangement. I still have my eye on the prize and once we are ready to get back to that, we will. 

Let's go y'all. Keep innovating. Keep pushing. Keep finding a way. 


Ana Carolina