Helping Haitian mothers during covid-19

April 11th was International Day of Maternal Health and Rights Day.

April 11 - 17 is Black Maternal Health Week.

On April 13th I became aware that Gladys Thomas and her team were toiling away making masks and other ( Personal Protective Equipment) PPEs for herself and her staff. There are now 40 cases of Coronavirus in Haiti and the staff at Hope Hospital are preparing for the worst.

Hope Hospital has endured earthquakes, political unrest, cholera, and now it's bracing itself for COVID - 19. This is a hospital near and dear to my heart. I had a chance to see this team in action shortly after the earthquake and cholera outbreak in 2012. Gladys is unwavering in her commitment to her patients, staff, and community. She services the most vulnerable in her community beyond healthcare. She also oversees 2 orphanages (1 for special needs) and 5 schools and programs that support those children into careers.

As a Houstonian, I have watched my community rally and come together. We are flattening the curve but the advantages we enjoy are not equal across the globe. I want to do what I can for our global community, especially our mamas. I have gotten the green light from The United States Foundation for the Children of Haiti (USFCH) to create a fundraiser so all donations can be tax-deductible. My goal is simple. We are going to raise $4,000 to purchase 2,500 masks and 390 re-usable face shields from Lazarus 3D. Lazarus 3D is a Houston based company that quickly pivoted their business to produce PPEs for our community. To date they have 1.6M+ masks and face shield. We will be their first order for the international front liners.

We have already raised $600 and now we're looking for the rest of the $3,400 from our community. Each mask is .70 and each shield is $4 so a $5 donation will go a long long way.

We are so thankful for the staff at USFCH, Hope Hospital, and Lazarus 3D for allowing us this opportunity to let mamas help other mamas. Please add "masks" to the notes when making a donation:

We are one village. Nou se yon sèl vilaj.


Ana Carolina