What makes breastfeeding swimwear different?

If bathing suits are stretchy wouldn't that make it easy to breastfeed in? 

I thought so too until it came time to breastfeed and there were way more obstacles than I realized. Here are just a few hurdles I ran into:

1. Halter tops can't come undone without the other side also falling down. Loosening the top so I could pull the one side down was really uncomfortable and painful on my neck.

2. One-piece bathing suits basically mean you're going to halfway undress. The amount of movement felt like I drew so much attention and made me feel naked because my entire breast was out from top to bottom. 

3. Swimsuits have a lot of structure that doesn't feel great on milk ducts. I could feel the material pressing on my milk ducts and could only imagine the blockage it was creating.

4. My son HATED cover-ups. He'd pull off any towel, blanket, or cover and I was left half-naked anyway which I became mostly comfortably with with my third but definitely not with my first 2.

So what makes Orolait suits different?

They were designed with all this functionality in mind. No big fuss just to breastfeed and all the style and support mamas want. I just felt we want and deserve options that work because that's all I wanted.

What have been some of your bathing suit woes?


Ana Carolina