Why a pre-sale versus a sale-sale?

I'd like to provide a little background information because, as a startup, this phase in my business is, well, awkward. We are new but not new new. We have come up with two banging designs but lack a whole collection. We are known but not known known. As a startup, we are in the infancy of what we believe the vision of our company is going to be.

I am currently waiting for the COVID-19 storm to pass so I can secure investors so we can:

1) Finish the business, casual, and sports wear collections

2) Buy inventory so we can sell just like any other store would

I have complete faith in my business but I don't have complete funds. All that you see has been done by myself personally, a friend who believes in me and is ridiculously talented with graphics, and paid for by my husband and I. Above all else, we have to responsible to not compromise our family's stability and security. I am being patient, persistent, and purposeful but that also means it all takes more time. The current pandemic has pushed those plans back even farther but that's ok because (as I said in my previous post) we are prepared to weather the storm.

So, why the presale?

I have one opportunity for production and I don't want anyone to miss a chance to buy their suit. If we can have customers pre-order then we'll know exactly what to get. Additionally, this will allow folks to break their payment up. Hey, we know our suits aren't cheap but we know what we're worth ya know what I mean? So being able to sell items based on a deposit is a WIN/WIN for everyone.

More details will be coming out soon!


Ana Carolina