LactoPRO Trainer
LactoPRO Trainer
LactoPRO Trainer


LactoPRO Trainer

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A simple, portable, and reusable breast that lactates

Lactation specialists rejoice! This game-changer will help to teach important breastfeeding concepts and skills in a whole new way. 

How is it different from what is out there for training?

  • It actually effectively ejects milk or colostrum when hand-expressed.
  • The Lacto-Pro trainer has been custom-designed to accurately represent the early postpartum period, a critical time for new moms.
  • Anatomically realistic, tissue-mimicking one of a kind human breast that features the areola, nipple, and six lactiferous ducts.
  • The natural soft texture provides an unparalleled tactile feedback ideal for hands-on demonstrations and training.
  • The model can be used multiple times. Each of the six 4ml cavities can be rinsed and reused.
  • Synthetic “milk” and “colostrum” mixtures are provided.
  • Non-toxic, non-biological, non-hazardous, portable, easy storage and cleanup. 

Kit includes:

  • Lactating Breast with 6 plugs
  • 1x 5ml syringe
  • 6 replacement plugs in a small storage box
  • 1 pack of synthetic “milk” powder (M1A)
  • 1 pack of synthetic “colostrum” powder (C1A)
  • 4 mixing cup and 4 mixing sticks
  • Instructions for Use and Storage Guide

    Manufactured by Lazarus3D's cutting edge, patented technology that makes it the most realistic hand-expression model on the market. Made in the USA

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