Hey there, it's Ana Carolina. I'm the Founder/CEO and everything else since this company is currently just me. Since I am the new kid on the block so I'll be adding more questions as I get them. If I still haven't answered your questions, then feel free to fill out the contact form

What is up with the prices!?

I had a real hard time pricing these suits because I am just so sick and tired of everything maternity costing so much for something I could only use for a short period of time. I solved the second problem by designing suits that will last a lifetime. They provide all the functionality you need without feeling like a waste because you'll be able to use it well past the time your nursing journey is done. Heck, we have all sorts of women already buying the suits and they love them!


I have a long term plan for the business so first, you need to know that this is a small business. As polished as I've worked to make it, it is all my work since I am self-funding. To be fiscally responsible, I am using the pricing structure to be able to purchase new merchandise and grow the business and pay myself for all the running around and the work I put in. No loans. No investors. No debt. 


Some additional things to know:

  • We're not selling suits in massive volume (yet) so our pricing reflects our current costs to produce. 

  • The average bathing suit only has one layer and very few moving parts. With the additional elements, our production cost doubles what normal suit costs.

  • All of our suits are proudly made in Houston, TX. I am exceptionally proud of this and all of the ethical business practices I am committed to.


For the future:

  • As the product takes off and we get more and more orders (fingers crossed) we'll be ordering in larger quantities and that is a massive saving that I'm excited to be able to pass on to you.

  • I'm going to be visiting my family in Medellin and looking for manufacturing facilities there are well. If I can find a company that can produce the suits with the same ethical practices then it will result in savings because the cost of living is much lower in Colombia.

  • Finally, we are working on getting onto Amazon. We're working with a retailer as I type so hopefully get the suits to you at just a little over wholesale pricing. Very excited about this and will share more details soon!

are there plans to add colors and patterns?

YESSSSSS... If you knew me, you'd know I luuuuv colors and patterns. My dream would be to design a suit in partnership with Hello Kitty. Honeslty. That being said, they will come in time. As stated above, everything in business comes with a price tag.  Once we have determined which suits are a fan favorite, we can start surveying customers and our focus group to help us pick new colors! This includes adding new styles. I have lots and lots of ideas but first, we must validate the products and business. 


SSSSIIIIIIIII.... I have big goals and big dreams. Before you can move into that retail space, you have to have a real solid foundation. We're well on our way to creating an incredible product and brand that shops would be more than happy to have on their shelves. For now, I can offer a 30-day return/exchange policy to take that pressure off. I worked really really hard to get our sizing exactly right and created a customer gallery so you can see what our suits look like on all sorts of shapes and sizes!

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