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OROLAIT Founder and CEO

I am original from Bogota, Colombia and currently living in Houston, TX. In 2015, I started writing a blog about body positivity called PowerToPrevail It didn't take long to build a global community. At the same time, I started working with an organization dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship. I was running those two worlds separate until my 3rd child was born and the two worlds collided. I was spending a lot of time by the pool and water parks with my two older children. I had a big fear of public breastfeeding but I had a life to live and memories to make with my kids. Of allll the suits I had, none had the form and function that made breastfeeding easy or comfortable. When I finally broke down and decided to just buy a breastfeeding friendly bikini I couldn't find a single one. I was surprised but not really. After all these years in the body positive world, I know that no one thinks of moms and bikinis and public breastfeeding is still an issue in the US.


I faced a problem and for the first time, I felt I could fix it.

With the background I had with running the Houston chapter of TiE Global (a global non-profit dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship) and the help of local experts, I have designed a game-changing swimwear line that is also manufactured in Houston, TX. One that addresses the various needs of the nursing individual today and beyond. We have kicked off with our first three suits and couldn't be more excited to share more!

Some of you may have even seen me in a few posts that have gone viral for hmy work in bringing issues that postpartum individuals face:

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