all good plans must get tossed

A month ago, I was hyper-focused. I found an investor. I was wrapping up my accelerator. I had had ignored distractions so I could turn all my energy to growing my business. I was coming around and reaching to grab that brass ring. Click here if you have no idea what that analogy is all about either:

Then, a global pandemic hit.

Now that seems like the most unreasonable plot twist but here we are in the midst of COVID-19 and all of my plans HAD to get tossed out.

So now I am in week 3 of our quarantine and after questioning whether I should move forward, I am moving forward. Building out a forum was later in my plans but what better time than now.

I have completed 2 weeks of virtual conferences with manufacturers in Colombia so we are creating a plan to run with as soon as our borders open.

Plus, I went out and did my hair and make to get all new headshots done so I have to see this to the end now. :)

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