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The most wonderful thing about working for yourself is that you get to make up the rules. You make every decision, including how you do your work. I've been so fortunate to be able to be very flexible with how work gets done. I've also been very grateful to have people cross my path who just get it.

Ebony is not only a swimsuit designer BUT she's a mama, too! You can't tell but she's very far along in this picture with baby #2. I've never designed a bathing suit before or one specifically for breastfeeding BUT since she's a mom with breastfeeding experience she understood so much of what I was trying to create.

It also helped to make moments like this manageable and comfortable. It's only since a trip to Italy which really forced me to confront my fears of public breastfeeding so doing so in a "professional" situation was a new experience. This is what needed to be done to keep getting work done so that's what we did.

She was also extremely patient with me because I lacked so much understanding and terminology. She shared her wisdom, experience, and expertise with me and the suits came out that much better because of it. Bonus is that our boys are the same age so they got a mini play date while we got to work.

Supporting breastfeeding mothers is more than a niche. It's an understanding that we just want to be able to do the things we want to do in a comfortable and efficient manner. Breastfeeding is hard enough, why not create things to make it that much easier? That means scheduling meetings at someone's home so their babies can be comfortable. That means having to nurse in the middle of that meeting but continuing on as long as she can keep going. It's a group effort and that effort is so incredibly worth it.

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