It's Alll smooth sailing from here...right?

Ugh. I wish.

When things start to get real, then the reality of criticism and failure becomes clearer and clearer. It's very easy to support and idea but once you hold that idea in your hand, it's really hard to hand it off for someone else to criticize. That criticism is important though. Especially in the beginning.

As much as I want to say that my first prototype came out perfect, I can't. It wasn't perfect, not even close. It had a solid base but it was not making me excited or happy. I wanted to quit right then and there. A part of me criticized myself for not being able to articulate to the designer what I was envisioning. I assumed it was because what I wanted wasn't possible or I wasn't meant to be the person to make this.

This was the first of many times where I felt this way. I'd have some success then experience some sort of failure. We're at the point where it's just a rhythm I need to learn and just dance with so I can keep moving forward.

Nothing about this process is known to me aside from writing and posting but that takes on a whole new meaning when it's MY product that I'm talking about. If I talk up a big game, I'm now responsible for following up on it. That means taking the good with the bad and responsibility for it all. I have to learn how to trust the process and trust that failure isn't a sign of the end. It's just a sign that I have to keep going. When I finally tried on the 5th version of this suit, I KNEW it was the right one. It was just perfect but I hope I never make anyone think that it just happened out of thin air.

This work has been challenging but now I feel I am presenting the best I can present. I'm terrified that despite my confidence that the suits will be torn apart and fail embarrassingly. I can't help but feel that way but I can still feel that way and move forward.

Cheers to moving forward.

Ana Carolina

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