Upcoming events helping to defy the norms and create change for Houston parent entrepreneurs

There are some changes that people can ignore. One change I cannot ignore are the needs of my growing toddler. JJ is almost 2 now and networking and attending events have taken on a whole new approach. Long gone are the days where he snuggled against me in his carrier as I took care of business. Still, we persist and people have asked a lot of questions along the way and in our own special way we have brought an important conversation to light.

Organizations around Houston have noticed and by facing the challenges as a community, we have created unique solutions for JJ and I and now they are bringing the conversation to the forefront to make our community even more inclusive. Parents are entrepreneurs and we're not going anywhere. We face different hurdles but we can make anything work as long as we're all working toward the same goals.

Here are some upcoming events in Houston that are directly related to bringing more light to the issues we face and what we can do to create the change that will allow more parents to succeed.

November 14 AM | CEOs and Strollers

This re-occuring event came out of frustration and a bit in defiance of the norm. Networking events have always been in stagnant locations so when Abbey Donnell (fellow founder and mom) and I wanted to get together to talk about our businesses we met at a park. Then, we invited another mom who needed some mentoring. Then, we invited more parents and more parents came. The solution is simple and the results are impactful. We have been able to connect with new entrepreneurs and find ways of plugging them into the ecosystem.

Link to register for our next event: https://novemberceosandstrollers.eventbrite.com

November 14 PM | Entrepreneur Burn-Out: Finding Balance with Blurred Boundaries

Impact Hub Houston and NGOrganize is doing amazing work with this series that touches on mental health and entrepreneurship. Long gone are the days of just grinding it out until you burnout. Parents face additional pressures but have long been left out of the conversation because it's taboo to talk about it. No anymore and we're bringing candid and open conversation to the topic of the pressure, guilt, and burnout. See ya at The Cannon!

Link to register: https://houston.impacthub.net/wp-event/entrepreneurship-burn-out-finding-balance-with-blurred-boundaries/

November 19 | One Village Pop Up Co-Working Day with Childcare

Everyone asks me if I co-work and I laugh and point at JJ. I wish I could but without childcare, I might as well stick with my home office. That is until now! This is a new startup and I can't imagine better timing. This event also includes a discussion on the financial side of small business.

Link to register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/houston-pop-up-coworking-with-childcare-tickets-78669910821?utm-medium=discovery&utm-campaign=social&utm-content=attendeeshare&aff=escb&utm-source=cp&utm-term=listing

November 20 | Bunker Labs Houston: A Balancing Act - Owning a Business & Parenthood

Bunker Labs, Got Spot, Social Mama, and Impact Hub Houston are coming together to have this conversation. There will be a panel and roundtable discussions. It is not enough to have panelists and speakers, we need participants to come out of their hiding spaces and share their struggles and triumphs so we can all learn how to keep doing this better.

Link to register: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/bunker-labs-houston-a-balancing-act-owning-a-business-parenthood-tickets-61095977714?aff=efbevent&fbclid=IwAR1BY6pu3Fnp9s7DXwgNTUVcDM7QVfAH9IAG7PU01_6CUP8O_0Jed4Vz5qA

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