what's in a name or logo or colors?

I thought naming a child was a big deal. I was wrong. Trying to come up with a name for a company is even harder. Not only do you have to take the name into consideration but with the rise of social media, you have to make sure it's available. I went through all sorts of ideas and I wrote them all done. Nothing was off the table.

I looked up sooooo many names. I got excited over others to only be disappointed they were already taken.

After much soul and web searching I came up with OROLAIT.

ORO means gold in Spanish and LAIT means milk in French. I came up with that since breastmilk is often referred to as liquid gold. I love the mix of the two languages because this is a universal goal. Also, I was born in Bogota, Colombia which is the legendary city of El Dorado.

Mixing languages and cultures has always been a part of my life. I am proud to be a US, Colombian, and world citizen. I feel the name reflects the mission, value, and purpose of the company. I fell in love with the name and now I had to come up with a logo.

It's the small details of the business world that hold me up. I had the idea and designs ready to go and then stuff like this sort of gets in the way. I want everything to have meaning and purpose but that adds a layer of pressure and stress. Thankfully I know AMAZING and talented people who are ready and willing to help me.

A friend I have known since middle school helped me to design the logo, which I fell in love with the second I saw it. The colors were much more tricky but I had met Lauren Battistini who started her own business called LFB Color Consulting. She sat and talked to me for an hour. Wrote every word and asked me all sorts of very important questions about my mission and what I was trying to accomplish. She hand delivered her color suggestions and, again, I feel in love instantly.

I have never asked for more help in my entire life but I want this to be great which means I need to let great people do great things for me.

From all of that came this and I couldn't be more proud!

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