Where do you even start?

I should start off by saying that I have never started a swimwear line before. The good news is that I've started lots of others things before that I never knew how to do.

In no particular order, those things include:

+ Nourishing a baby with just milk I produced

+ Creating a community of 30K on Instagram

+ Completing 4 triathlons

+ Helping to finish several puzzles

All things that I never did before but stuck with it until I figured it out. I applied what I knew about entrepreneurship and just started from the beginning.

This business is my new baby and thankfully I already had a key component when I was starting out. That was my community. In less than a 5 days I was able to send out a market survey to see if anyone would even remotely be interested in a breastfeeding bikini. Turns out, A WHOLE LOT of people were very interested. I had over 100 mamas respond! So I began by asking questions. Lots of questions. By listening to the women, I was able to create an idea in my mind of what the major problems they experienced were and how I could fix it. I took that idea and my first sketch was born.

It's really easy to get discouraged as this point because none of it seems possible. I understood the problem and could see the solution but how was I actually going to make it from paper to a suit that goes on a person?

I did all I know how to do. I asked for help. Lots of help. I starting reaching out to whoever I knew and tapped into my network to see if anyone would be able to help. It didn't take very long to find a really important connection. It came from none other than Chloe Dao.

She connected me with a local swimsuit designer and the story starts really picking up steam from here.

Just remember, all stories have a beginning. I have a goal and am boldly walking in that direction. Everything that follows isn't an accident or lucky. It is opportunity meeting preparation.

Next time, meeting my first designer and trying to explain my vision.

Stay tuned!


Ana Carolina

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