body shame

We know women struggle with poor body image and motherhood often brings changes which mamas have been made to feel ashamed about

public breastfeeding

the usA  made public breastfeeding legal in all 50 states in 2018.  this means mamas are still shamed for breastfeeding in public.

limited designs

almost all breastfeeding garments are designed in a way that scream "I AM FOR BREASTFEEDING!" which limits its usage to this period in our lives.

female founders

most businesses start with  a founder trying to solve their own problem. female founders are rare and momtrepreneurs even rarer.



we are proud to be dedicated to representing all mamas and all that comes with motherhood. stretch marks, scars, loose skin, short, tall, skinny, fat, and everything in between!

public breastfeeding

We are dedicated to advocating for mamas everywhere. Our suits are designed to make sure mamas enjoy being out in nature the way nature intended. when you design for purpose, you create change.

limited designs

we are designing suits that have the form, function, and fashion that will serve our mamas during this season in her life and beyond. our suits are classic styles with a clever twist.

female founders

starting a business as a latina and a mother I have the odds stacked against me. i'm prepared with the support and resources to take on this challenge. i create change by being the change. si se puede!


One of the greatest compliments we get about the suits is that mamas and non-mamas are so in love with the design that they want it even though they're not nursing! The brilliance of the suits is that they are cleverly designed to wear to make breastfeeding a breeze and then resume with life.

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